It’s nearly time for the King of fruits! 

The king of fruits (Durio zibethinus) is a fruit that some people have a love-hate relationship with. After the hot dry spell in the earlier months of the year, the durian trees have started to flower in many places around Singapore. If you look carefully on the ground, you might have come across these yellow flowers which have fallen on the ground. The durian flowers of course, smell nothing like their fruits, instead, they have an extremely sweet smell that is reminiscent to sugarcane juice. The yellow durian flowers are used in Sarawakian cuisine – “durian flowers sambal belacan”, anyone?

If you have a chance, do stop and smell the flowers. But if you don’t see any flowers, this means the king of fruits is on its way (mid June)! So all durian fanatics, brace yourself for durian season is coming soon!